As a prerequisite to strengthening public service delivery in the dzongkhags, the G2C Office has initiated the development of this Service Delivery Standard (SDS) and the establishment of citizen service delivery centers/help desks in the dzongkhags.  While the former intervention streamlines services and citizens expectations, the latter is aimed at improving information dissemination and enhance the interface between rural citizens and the service providers at the dzongkhag centers. In addition to this Service Delivery Standards, the accompanying document titled,  ‘Guidelines for  Establishment and  Operation of  Dzongkhag  Service Delivery Centers’, has been developed to strengthen the existing Helpdesks and standardize the establishment, list the services available, clarify procedures and guide the overall operation of the service centers. The Dzongkhag Service Delivery Standards which details the list of services available at the dzongkhag, timeliness, accuracy, requirements from citizens and government agencies, and operational targets have been developed based on international best practices in public service delivery as well as references to existing standard operating procedures (SOPs) already developed by some of the dzongkhags.

Service delivery standards are an important element of service management excellence; they help clarify expectations for citizens and public servants, enable performance management, and support citizen satisfaction. Over time, this service delivery standard is expected to contribute to enhancing coherence across the public services provided at the dzongkhags in the area of quality service and accountability.  It  also  supports  the  Annual  Performance Agreement  (APA) signed between the Government and various implementing agencies at all levels  and  in  particular  the  dzongkhags,  under  the  broad  umbrella  of  Government Performance Management System (GPMS) aimed at streamlining and   aligning activities accorded to them, thereby resulting in a more efficient and effective public  service delivery.

The jurisdiction and applicability of this SDS are strictly for the services provided by the 20 Dzongkhag Administrations in the country and facilitated by the Dzongkhag Service Delivery Centers earlier known as the Helpdesk in each dzongkhag.

The services, information, and specifications in this SDS will be reviewed and periodically updated by the Dzongkhag Administrations in consultation with the relevant sectors and the G2C Office.