Area and location.

Pemaling (Biru) geog under Tashichholing Dungkhag which is one of the smallest geogs among the 15 geogs under Samtse Dzongkhag. It is located in the western part of the Dzongkhag and has an approximate area of 49.04 km2. Namgaychholing geog to the east, Tendruk geog to the north, Tashichholing geog to the south and the Indian of West Bengal to the West border Biru geog.


The climate of the geog varies from the north to the south. The northern part of the geog, with an altitude of 1800 meters experiences cool temperature type of the climatic condition whilst the south part of the geog at an altitude of 600 meters experience the sub-tropical type of climate. The annual range from 1200mm to 5500mm.


Types of Soil.

The soil of the geog varies from the north to the south. It has clayey loam to the north and sandy to the south.

Chiwog under the Gewogs:

  1. Chhusilgang_Dramedsa
  2. Dizang-Dang_Nakeyling
  3. Manigang_Tashithang
  4. Norgyeling_Shingdregang
  5. Thangchhennang_Damtshangna