TOR for procurement officer:

  1. Coordinate tender committee meeting and be a secretariat to the Tender Committee,
  2. Collect annual requisition of goods from sectors,
  3. Verify and issue purchase and work orders to the suppliers,
  4. Conduct tendering process through eGP for goods.
  5. Coordinate with suppliers' and procuring agency.
  6. Any other task assigned by the Supervisors,
  7. Participate in the administrative activities of the Dzongkhag Administration as and when asked


  1. Any other task assigned by the Supervisors
  2. Maintain accurate records of the materials, ensure minimum damage to the materials, plan distribution & stock rotation
  3. Coordinate with procurement officer and user agencies
  4. Any other task assigned by the Supervisors


Annual Quotation(Goods) Comparatives for the FY 2020-2021

Attachment Size
Catering service.pdf 149.4 KB
ELectrical items (Tender ID-5268 ).pdf 93.86 KB
Furniture items (Tender ID-5263).pdf 47.3 KB
Hardware items (Tender ID-5395).pdf 536.02 KB
Hiring of vehicles.pdf 10.79 KB
Maintenance of equipment.pdf 117.01 KB
Office Equipment (Tender ID-5261).pdf 84.44 KB
Pool vehicles' spare parts.pdf 187.13 KB
Stationery (Tender ID-5391).pdf 76.86 KB
Suppliers 2020-21.pdf 104.61 KB
Tonner & Cartridge (Tender ID-5271).pdf 52.08 KB
Tyre & Tubes (Tender ID-5275).pdf 32.23 KB