Area and location.

Norgaygang (Bara) geog is located to the extreme northwest of Samtse Dzongkhag. It has an approximate area of 188.86 km2. The geog is bordered by Ha Dzongkhag to the east. Tendruk geog to the Southeast and the Indian state of the West Bengal to the South and North West.


The geog is located at an altitude ranging from 500 meters to 2400 meters above the sea level. The geog experience war summer and cold winter with snowfall in the northern region of the geog. The annual rainfall ranges from 1200mm-3000mm that occurs within the monsoon months.

Types of Soil.

The geog has mostly the black sandy type of soils, however, red soils are found at the foothills of the geog.

Chiwog under the Gewog :

  1. Dangreyboog_Patshaling
  2.  Miphelgang_Samphelgang
  3. Chongzhu_Tshachhu
  4. Chhu-Goo_Phendegang
  5. Joenpang _Linggarnang
  6. Khabaabgang_Noryog