Sl.   No. Name of Service Access – Where   and When Timeliness   –   Turnaround   Time Accuracy-   Reliability, currency and  validity  of service provided Citizens   Requirement   –   Forms,   documents, fees, etc. needed to avail the service Operational   Target
    1.     Verification of Life Insurance Claim Forms     Dzongkhag Revenue Office, Five     days      a week,        during Office hours     20 minutes     Maintain Sanction   Register     1.Dully   filled   death   claim   form endorsed        by    concerned    Gup 2.Produce death certificate if person is died in hospital 3.Delete   census   record   from   the   Dzongkhag     90%
2. Verification of   House Insurance   Claim Forms Dzongkhag   Revenue Office, Five     days      a week, during Of- fice hours 3 days Joint verification   report 1.   Written   complain/claim   report   from victim, endorsed by concerned   Gup     90%
3. Assessment and   Deposit of Revenue     -do- 1 month Receipt and   Assessment report 1.Receipt   2. Required documents     80%
4. Receiving of Fees   and Issuing of   Receipts Dzongkhag   Revenue   Office and Helpdesk/Service Center, Five  days   a week, during Office hours 15 minutes Cash Receipt 1. Fees/Taxes/Service Charges   2. Relevant documents     90%
5. Payment of Life   Insurance Scheme Dzongkhag   Accounts Office, Five  days   a week, during Office hours 2 days Sanction order Death Compensation form filled up   and verified by the local Tshogpa, Gup, Dzongkhag Census and finally by Dzongdag     90%