08 June 2019

The 111th Nature Park Coffee house in Samtse was opened to the park visitors this Friday (5th June, 2019) under new management partnership, who shall work as a team with the park management.

The Nature Park has a total area of 1.19 acres. It was established in 2018 to commemorate the 111th National day celebration in Samtse. The Nature Park aims to provide a quality recreational space for all visitors. With the rapid urban sprawl, it is increasingly challenged by the limited availability of green space, thereby, diminishing an access to nature parks and open spaces for physical and recreational needs. The 111th Nature Park play a key role in conversion of unused, abandoned and forgotten parcel of urban land in promoting active lifestyles. It offers a safe and inviting environment for general populace of Samtse Dzongkhag and the visitors alike from the neighboring areas from India.


The contract term was executed for a period of one year. The Coffee shop is offered on concession and does not require paying monthly rent to the management. However, in order to ensure sustainable management of the park, the contractor recruits a full-time gardener for planting, cleaning, weeding, trimming, pruning, grooming, staking, deadheading and watering to ornamental plants, hedges, orchids, grasses etc. inside the park.

Besides, the Coffee house offers variety of fast food menus that include coffee/tea, momo, samosa, chowmin, roti, chilli chop, channa, ice creams, etc. at quoted rate.


The Coffee house shall be opened to visitors from 11AM till 8PM during weekdays and from 9AM till 8PM during weekends and no entry fees are collected. On the very first day of the opening of the coffee house, there was about a hundred of visitors from within Samtse and a score of visitors from places across border like Banarhat and Darjeeling of West Bengal District in India.


Samtse community is enormously proud of the mini nature park that got deep appreciation from the golden throne during the 111th National Day at Samtse. It was commanded that this beautiful mini-nature park is a model to other Dzongkhags and needs to be maintained in a present state for all times to come.

Reported by: Sonam Wangchuk, Dzongkhag Beautification Officer