07 June 2019

Village Health Worker (VHW) Refresher Training Program was conducted at Uguentse GT Hall from 3rd June 2019 till 5th June 2019 where 65 VHW'S attended from 15 geogs. 4 's conducted the session. Objective was to review health impact in the communities. Refresh and motivate VHW's for better performance. From 15 geogs 106 VHW's are recorded whereby 90 are functional. Dzongkhag is planning to have 1 VHW in required chiwog. Dzongkhag plans to train 45 new VHW's in next fiscal year. VHW plays a vital role for better community health by educating, mobilizing people to work together, reporting on any disease outbreak, providing basic treatment and immediately referring of serious patients. VHW's are volunteers.