Area and location.

Ugyentse gewog lies to the south-west of Samtse Dzongkhag covering 21.16 km2 of area. Its bordered by Yoeseltse gewog to the south, Norbugang gewog to the south-west and Dophuchen gewog to the south-east.


The gewog experiences mostly heavy shower with annual rainfall ranging from 1500mm to 4000 mm.  The summer is hot and humid, and winter is dry and cool. Gewog falls in sub-tropical monsoon zone.

Types of Soil.

The gewog is dominated by red and brown soils, which is porous and friable and not retentive of moisture.

Chiwog under the Gewog:

  1. Kardog
  2. Dangreyboog_Rigpailing
  3. Jarithang
  4. Dangkarling_Dechhengang
  5. Nyimalung_Tharpaling

Ugyentse Gewog Database


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