Area and location.

Tading Gewog is located to the east of Samtse Dzongkhag and lies near to Phuntsholing Dungkhag covering about 108.27 square kilometers of area. It is bordered by Dophuchen and Denchukha gewog to the north and Chukha Dzongkhag to the east.


The gewog experiences sub-tropical type of climate with annual rainfall ranging from 1500 mm to 400 mm.

Types of Soil.

The gewog has the sandy and loamy type of soils.

Chiwog under the Gewog:

  1. Norjangsa_Zochhaling
  2. Dangreyboog_Nyimdooglakha
  3. Khempagang_Panzhing
  4. Thongsa_Tochhenthang
  5. Tading_Tenpaling