Area and location.

Doongtoed (Dungtoe gewog) under Dorokha Dungkhag is located to the northeast of the Samtse Dzongkhag and is one of the remotest gewog of the Dzongkhag. The gewog is bordered by Dorokha gewog to the south, Chengmari to the southwest, Lahereni gewog to the west and Haa Dzongkhag to the northern border. Its three days walk from the Dzongkhag Headquarters and have no facility of electricity and telecommunications. It has a total area of 48.8 km2.


The gewog lies in sub-tropical monsoon climate zone & experience hot and humid summer, cold and dry winter with annual rainfall ranges from 1500mm to 4000 mm.

Types of Soil.

The geog has brownish red, black and sandy soils are common.

Chiwog under the Gewog:

  1. Doongtoed_Khaling    
  2.  Maedgang
  3. Doongtoed Chhewa     
  4. Gebji_Kuzhuggang
  5. Doongtoed Chhungwa_Jarikha