Annual Quotation(Goods) Comparatives For the FY-2022-2023

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Hardware and Electricals_5.pdf 151.8 KB
Furniture (1).pdf 44.01 KB
Equipment, toner & cartridges.pdf 62.43 KB
Contact Address of Supplier for the FY2022-23 .pdf 113.54 KB
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Annual Quotation(Goods) Comparatives for the FY 2021-2022

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Maintenance of equipment _0.pdf 5.98 MB
Supply of Computers, office equipment toners and Cartriages.pdf 60.18 KB
Supply of Furniture.pdf 41.95 KB
Supply of school and office Stationary.pdf 59.24 KB
Supply of Tyer and Tubes.pdf 34.82 KB
Hardware and Electrcial.pdf 274.59 KB
Hiring of Machine for FY 2021-22.pdf 5.91 KB
Stationery for the FY 2021-22_0.pdf 50.84 KB
Suppliers for the FY 2021-22.pdf 199.42 KB