Annual Quotation(Goods) Comparatives for the FY 2019-2020

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Dzong Catering _0.pdf 1.07 MB
Contact details for the suppliers.pdf 433.83 KB
Package 1-School Statinoery.pdf 385.37 KB
Package 2-School and Office Furniture.pdf 135.45 KB
Package 3-Computers and office equipment.pdf 286.25 KB
Package 4-Hardware.pdf 852.67 KB
Package 5-Electrical_0.pdf 434.44 KB
Package 6-Tyre and Tubes .pdf 423.44 KB
Package 7-Tonner and Cartridges.pdf 126.12 KB
Package 8-Hiring of Vehicles.pdf 176.92 KB
Package 9-Maintenance of Office Equipments.pdf 652.17 KB