Annual Quotation(Goods) Comparatives for the FY 2020-2021

Attachment Size
Catering service.pdf 149.4 KB
ELectrical items (Tender ID-5268 ).pdf 93.86 KB
Furniture items (Tender ID-5263).pdf 47.3 KB
Hardware items (Tender ID-5395).pdf 536.02 KB
Hiring of vehicles.pdf 10.79 KB
Maintenance of equipment.pdf 117.01 KB
Office Equipment (Tender ID-5261).pdf 84.44 KB
Pool vehicles' spare parts.pdf 187.13 KB
Stationery (Tender ID-5391).pdf 76.86 KB
Suppliers 2020-21.pdf 104.61 KB
Tonner & Cartridge (Tender ID-5271).pdf 52.08 KB
Tyre & Tubes (Tender ID-5275).pdf 32.23 KB