24 November 2022



Following the conclusion of the 10th Samtse Moenlam Chenmo His Holiness the Je Khenpo on 24th November paid a visit to Sa-Ngacholing monastery where His Holiness conducted a Rabney- consecration of the lhakhang. His Holiness then blessed the construction sites of the Gyalsung Project at Jamtsholing and offered his prayers. 
At Sibsoo Tashicholing, His Holiness conducted rabney and purification ceremony at the Tashicholing Lhakhang where His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo gifted a 11 feet Buddha Shakyamuni statue. His Holiness also conferred Tshewang ( long life empowerment) to the gathering of many thousands of devotees at Tashicholing. On the way to Tendruk, His Holiness then administered consecration prayers at the Pemaling Lhakhang along with oral transmission of Vajraguru, Mani and refuge prayers.
At Tendruk , towards the evening His Holiness offered Palden Lhamo ritual prayers  at the Royal Bhutan Army Wing 1 lhakhang and granted oral transmission on Nyondro, Soelkha and Wrathful Guru Drakmar Kagoe to the hundreds of devotees gathered there.