Today’s economy is also described as the ICT (Information and communication Technology) age, or the age of Information, Communication, and Entertainment. The 21st Century offers our citizens with highly advanced interactive television, high powered fax machines, email, e-governance facilities, and this surprisingly can be accessed through a very small personal computer either from your home or offices.

Innovation in technology has created a tremendous opportunity for the government to reach services to the masses efficiently. Only a few who have obtained the tricks for survival in this ICE age has emerged as a benefactor of E-Governance services so far.

Information and technology play an important role in informing and sharing information amongst different Dzongkhags. All 20 Dzongkhags now have ICT services and this I understand was made possible by the introduction of respective web sites with support from Department of Information Technology (DIT).

Our website contains a brief on the Dzongkhag and related information on Gewogs. Further, it is hoped that the availability of tender documents, announcements on job vacancies, places of interests for tourism, local news and online forms in our website will prove to be useful.

We encourage our valuable end users to frequently browse our website so that you can add life, and dynamism and above all your views to further improve upon.

Sonam Wangyel